This is your Histria

This is Histria

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Not just Little Paris but little anarchists Scaieni (near Ploiesti) Fourierist experiment: Scăieni Phalanstery – Scăieni Phalanstery on Wikipedia Scăieni Phalanstery (Romanian: Falansterul de la Scăieni) was a utopic experimental community (phalanstery) created in 1835-1836 by Romanian boyar Teodor Diamant in the town of Scăieni, Prahova County, Wallachia (today part of Boldești-Scăeni Commune) bas… charlesfourier.fr […]

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Ada Kaleh

Free City Ada Kaleh was Romania’s very own Interzone, its inter-bellum Tangiers an earlier, more glorious Vama Veche for trading before the idea of a free city became less creative and somewhat limited. When Brion Gysin invented the creative process the cut-up technique  in Tangier in 1959 he was also creating a metaphor for how a […]

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Who are Romanians?

Vlad invited me to come to Romania to work with CROS and fortunately I accepted! Ever since I have been trying to clarify the enigma of who exactly are the Romanians? And why, as Lucian Boia puts it, is Romania a disarticulated country? I’ve met some amazing people active in Bucharest and Timisoara and been introduced to […]

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